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Company expected sustainable development have to be impacted labor shortage and labor cost increased on the competitive age. So companies are facing numerous obstacles and helplessness. Labor-saving, rationalization and automation of the footsteps of the business community has become an eager demand and goals.
Min Jui Automation Co., Ltd established in 1992. With professional technology and good quality, has provided various types of industry assembly machine, Innovation and practical strength to get customers certainly. In labor-intensive industries, Min Jui Company provided labor-saving, rationalization of technology, for process planning and improvement, in order to avoid waste of human resources, improve competitiveness and promote quality improvement.
Especially in the disc-style multi-engineering assembly technology is more specialized, such as automatic feeding, transportation, riveting, stamping, screw lock inspection, assembly and other complicated process, labor could be replaced by machine, to achieve the purpose of automation.
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